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It is automatially understood that you agree with all terms and conditions by accessing to this web site.
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Regarding disclaimer

The contents in this web site provide without warranty about its
Toa-Tone reserves the right to amend or delete the contents of this web site without prior notice.
Toa-Tone reserves the right to suspend or invalidate the management of this web site without prior notice.
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Prohibited matter

Any behavior giving or in danger of giving a disadvantage or damage to our company or third party.
Any behavior violating or indanger of violating the property or privacy of our company or thrid party.
Any behavior injuring or in danger of injuring the reputation or credit of our company or thrid party.
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Any possible behavior of illegality or in danger of illegality.
Any other bahavior that our company judge as infelicity.

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If any linking to our web site is desired, please let us know the detailed contents of linking site in advance.
We may refuse any links in case the contents of linking site do not comply our company's policy or will do harm to our business or company reliability.

About Link site

Any link sites of third parties provided by Toa-Tone are solely managed and Toa-Tone does not manage such link sites.
Toa-Tone does not recommend any products, services or companies indicated link site, or it does not mean that there is a special relationship between link site and our company.
Toa-Tone shall have no liabilities for any damages induced by the use of link site content.