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Since TOA-TONE's inception in 1917, we have been able to build the history focusing drilling technology with the support by a host of our customers.

After entering 21st century, it is the time that we are required the change of conception due to much kaleidoscopic change of socioeconomic situation. Especially, with the rapid progress of globalization after 2010, I understand that the creation of company with the amazement and attraction to our customers, as well as focusing human resources development, is my mission.

Furthermore, as a group member of Toa Road Corporation, by displaying our strength of speedy business development and associating with different industries as a subsidiary's function, we continue the challenge to shift from "sustainable creation" to "newly valued creation". We also put an effort into corporate structuring to offer the reliablity to all over the world consuming our passion and handling the safety and security in business management as max. priority.